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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject The Process of New Committers
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 01:02:42 GMT
In response to recent questions/discussions:

Committers are voted upon by PMC members.  It is a policy decision, and so
follows the normal 3 +1 votes and more +1 than -1 (although if there really
is a controversial vote, the PMC may choose to defer the vote until a wider
consensus can be reached).  Within the Incubator, all PPMC members are
absolutely encouraged to vote.  The PMC still needs to be involved to
provide binding votes, as well as oversight.

As for where to vote ... because we don't want to embarrass potential
committers, and to give (P)PMC members a chance to air their views, it is
generally recommended that you at least start the discussion on the PPMC
list.  After that, you can vote on the PPMC list and post a result if it is
favorable, or you can vote on the public list.  Again, I wouldn't hold a
public vote that is clearly going to be voted down or controversial, unless
you enjoy embarrassing others.

When a PPMC decides to vote, it should post a note to the Incubator PMC to
let the PMC as a whole know about the vote.

	--- Noel

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