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From "Bob Buffone" <>
Subject RE: XAP (Extensible Ajax Platform) Proposal
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 15:26:43 GMT
I will weigh in on this as well. There are cases that you want to
write a lot of JavaScript and there are cases that you want to
minimize the amount of JavaScript that you need to write. XML will
help developers and non developers create larger and more complex AJAX
applications by making it easier to develop and maintain. The ease of
use of XML over JavaScript comes from three factors:

1.) Presentation: By having XML that describes your UI it separates
the presentation from business logic.  This separation allows for a
more diverse team approach to building applications.  Not everyone can
code JavaScript, having a simple XML dialect that describes your UI
makes it easier for UI designers to build screens, and engineers
proficient in code to handle business logic.  HTML is a perfect
example of this. Today, web applications could be written as
JavaScript instead of HTML.

2.) Data binding: Most if not allow applications have some data
presentation as part of its functionality.  Allowing users to embed
data binding rules simplifies the application code needed. Again a
more diverse set of engineers can be used to build even big
applications faster.

3.) Tooling: Describing the UI in XML also simplifies the development
of Visual WYSIWYG Editors which can create and modify UI screens.
Visual Editors simplifies the development even further. Other tooling
options such as XSLT can be used to create the XML needed to create
your UI as Craeg Strong pointed out.XML doesn't replace the need for
JavaScript, just gives users options.
JavaScript will be used to handle events on the client as well as
build application UI under certain situations or because of personal


Bob (Buffone)

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