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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Status Report for Harmony (was: REMINDER: *** Board Reports DUE! ***)
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 08:41:27 GMT
(please drop harmony-dev from the CC list on replies. Thanks!)

Hi Noel,

Sorry for the lack of report for harmony so far (BTW, we should probably
get Marvin to send out automated reminders to relevant (P)PMCs too, it should
save you some nagging effort). The wiki is currently down, so I can't see what's
up there right now or whether someone else already wrote something so I'm
resorting to sending an e-mail; hope that's ok.



Harmony status report

Harmony is going well, so well that it is not easy to sum up all the things
happening. There is, however, currently nothing requiring board or incubator
PMC attention. Highlights for the last quarter:

 * no releases.
 * We have welcomed one new PPMC member:
   * Tim Ellison

 * we have welcomed three new committers:
   * Mikhail Loenko
   * George Harley
   * Stepan Mishura
   and expect to add quite a few more in the next quarter.

 * we have received and processed several more bulk contributions from 
   different parties, including for beans, regex, math, jndi, logging, prefs, 
   sql, math(again), crypto, and rmi (twice), hundreds upon hundreds of unit 
   tests, an eclipse plugin for doing harmony development, and more. Our 
   framework for accepting these contributions (based on jira, svn, and faxes
   and documented on the harmony website) seems to be working well.

 * there was concern over a potential copyright infringement within our JCHEVM
   component. This concern has been addressed by receiving a code donation for
   the potentially infringing files, without having to resort to lawyers and to
   the mutual satisfaction of all parties and under the watchful eye of the
   Incubator PMC.

 * we have begun collaborating with the SableVM community, which has relicensed
   its VM under the ALv2 (the related previous potential licensing/copyright 
   issues have been resolved without having to resort to lawyers and to the 
   mutual satisfaction of all parties and under the watchful eye of the
   Incubator PMC).

 * we have seen a lot of discussion on how to do testing, how to use jira, etc
   etc, as more and more developers gear up to contribute to the project. These
   kinds of discussions are going well and the collaborative consensus-based
   process is emerging.

 * we have identified the (future) need for some serious build and testing 
   server infrastructure but have not approached the infrastructure team about
   this yet. IBM is currently hosting a Maven Continuum server to run the
   harmony tests, and sending the results to our mailing lists.

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 06:47:52PM -0400, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> See:
> *STILL* waiting to hear from ADF Faces, Agila, AltRMI, Felix, Harmony,
> Kabuki, and WebWork 2.

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