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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Graduation From Incubator
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 22:37:20 GMT
On 3/15/06, Jochen Wiedmann <> wrote:
> On 3/15/06, robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
> > would jakarta have been any less an umbrella if three years ago we'd started
> > rolling a huge jakarta.jar?
> Most likely, noone would have used it (in particular, not the
> developers),

the developers wouldn't but IIRC misguided and slightly users asked
for one from time to time. ("take two java libraries into the shower?
i just jakarta and go!" ;)

> so you are right: Roys's definition may be formally
> wrong. In practice, I believe he's got a point. The common deliverable
> (like Geronimo, or httpd) is well suited to bind people together.

that's true enough: moving to more focussed projects is an improvement.

but jakarta managed to be pretty cohesive with a very noisy community
even without a single master product.

it would have been easy to come up with some sort of reasonable
charter and focus: but that would have done nothing to address the
issue of the mismatch between the legal structure (TLP) and the formal
organizational one (sub-projects, sub-sub-projects).

- robert

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