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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ and ServiceMix reports
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 03:04:27 GMT
Hiram Chirino wrote:

> If the ActiveMQ / ServiceMix community do decide to go under some
> other TLP,  I'm sure it would not take long for the active
> participants of the community to asked to Join the TLP's PMC.

I would certainly hope that they would want to be, yes.  Hence ...

> I believe that merging ActiveMQ and Servicemix into Geronimo
> community and PMC is easier than most cases since there are
> all ready several active ActiveMQ/ServiceMix commiters thar
> are Geronimo PMC members.

At this moment, Geronimo has 19 PMC members and 7 commmiters who are not on
the PMC.  That does, of course, change over time.

The overlap of ActiveMQ and ServiceMix with the Geronimo PMC has 10 PMC
members.  ActiveMQ has 13 additional people who are not on the Geronimo PMC.
Adding ServiceMix is just another 4 (17 total), as there is a huge overlap
between ActiveMQ and ServiceMix.

I have no idea how active any of these people are on any of the projects in
any capacity.  Dims appears to feel that there is a large number of
committers in name only, but I haven't looked at all so for the sake of
discussion, let's assume that they are all active.  Adding ActiveMQ and
ServiceMix to Geronimo could increase the size of Geronimo's community from
26 to ~40, and assuming a comparable ratio, the PMC from 19 to 30+.

So is Geronimo prepared to take such actions?  Should it be, at this time?
And what would that do for diversity, since a lot of people appear to work
for the same company?

	--- Noel

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