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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ Graduation From Incubator
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:33:47 GMT
David Blevins wrote:

Lots of good stuff, thanks.  :-)

> If you ask me what my opinion on OpenEJB's future or James' opinion
> on ActiveMQ's future, we'll both probably tell you TLP is a good
> goal eventually.

> We've more or less been running as TLPs in relation to Geronimo for
> the past two plus years already, just at Codehaus.  We've seen how
> that plays out and we'd like to try a much more unified front for a
> while and see what shakes out.

> The Geronimo world is awkward and unbalanced.  We have too tight
> integration with OpenEJB such that the standalone version of that
> completely disappeared [, and too little integration with ActiveMQ.]

> We're aren't successfully leveraging each other's communities
> to the fullest.  All in all, we don't make decisions together
> and lean on each other as much as we could.

How is merging the communities into the Geronimo TLP going to correct these
problems?  Is the Geronimo PMC prepared to add all of you as Committers on
the TLP, and add all or most of you to the Geronimo PMC?  Is this going to
result in a single community, or more integrated, better, meeting place for
multiple communities?  If the latter, that would indicate to me that you
really should be a TLP.  See Henri's e-mails for a fuller discussion of

And what about community growth?  When TLPs have sub-projects, how do they
go about building up each sub-project?  How quick would the target PMC be to
grant TLP karma and PMC status to people interested in working on just one
of these disjoint projects?  Or would it have disjoint karma, and a smaller
number of people with binding votes?  See Henri's and Robert's comments on
these issues.

> I'd really like to see all our projects rolled up, balanced out, then
> split up again along possibly different lines with potentially more
> standalone pieces than we see now.

So you see putting everything together in Geronimo as a first step towards a
significant reorganization, with multiple TLPs?

> TLP is a good goal, but I really see value in the journey.

So do I.  The question appears to be where/how to take that journey.  :-)

	--- Noel

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