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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ Graduation From Incubator
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:44:18 GMT
> > That's not actually a formal requirement though, correct?
> Not at this time.  We're still discussing what the SHOULD and MUST
> will be, as I mentioned in the fuller context of what you quoted.

Hmmm ... or perhaps I hadn't made it as clear as I thought I had.  I just
went back and found that particular e-mail.  Sorry.

To be clear, as noted above, we're still discussing SHOULD and MUST.  There
is no *requirement* today that a project have at least 3 Mentors.  I hope
that we will end up agreeing that it SHOULD, but with leeway to allow for
the PMC to apply human judgment.

	--- Noel

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