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From "Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications)" <>
Subject RE: [Wicket] As erspective podling candidate
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 19:45:50 GMT
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> Subject: Re: [Wicket] As erspective podling candidate
> do *they* want to?  why would they want to move?


I've been tracking the progress of the Wicket community for a while now,
as I've personally adopted Wicket as a web application development
framework, both privately and professionally.

As part of my tracking of the project, I became aware last December that
the Wicket core developers were planning an exit strategy from
Sourceforge.  I immediately felt like Wicket would be a great candidate
for Apache, not just because of the innovation of the technology, but
because they already had a healthy and vibrant developer, user, and
support community.  I asked Alex Karasulu if he thought Wicket would be
a good fit for Apache, and he readily agreed.  It was at that time that
both Alex and myself approached the Wicket team to determine if there
was an interest level on their part in possibly moving to Apache.

Their interest is VERY high in moving to Apache, but they had some
questions and concerns.  Some have been addressed, but some issues
remain outstanding.  For instance, they understand that incubation is
necessary, but they very concerned about continued support of their
already mature product and user base, and the long-term future of
Wicket.  In essence, they are exhibiting the some of the core
characteristics of what an Apache PMC is supposed to do.

Wicket is no one-man show.  They have a core set of about half a dozen
developers, with a number of other second-tier contributors.  Their user
community is heavily involved in wiki contribution and providing
user-contribs of Wicket component extensions, and integrations with
technologies like Spring and Hibernate.  Others, like myself, are
interested in Wicket's natural affinity to live in OSGi, with or without
a servlet container.  The core developers have a detailed roadmap for
future growth of the technology, and they readily include their user
community in helping prioritize new features.  Their user mailing is
very active (125-175 posts/day), and the core developers are readily
accessible via mailing list and IRC.  Additionally, they are under
contract to product a Wicket-In-Action book, which is currently be

Bottom line is that Wicket WILL move from Sourceforge.  The only
question is where and when.  They are getting ready for a 1.2 release
within the next month.  After that, they want to move the project before
starting on the 1.3 release path.  They are very interested in Apache,
but are naturally concerned about incubation.  They will want to move as
quickly through the incubator as possible, and I believe the maturity of
their developer community will facilitate.  They know they have things
to learn about the Apache Way, but they will be motivated to demonstrate
this as quickly as possible in order to exit as a top level project at
Apache in preparation for their 1.3 release.  As such, they feel they
will be demanding to their incubator mentor(s) and they would like some
assurances of having enough Apache support.  Moving Wicket is an
expensive endeavor both in time and resources, not to mention the impact
to the user community.  It is a job they want to do once, so they are
being very careful and diligent in choosing their new home.

IMO Apache has a great opportunity to bring one of the next brightest
technologies under the ASF umbrella.  Wicket is interested in Apache.
If Apache is interested in Wicket, then I would gladly offer my
assistence in helping facilitate further discussions between the
necessary peeps within Apache and the core Wicket dev team.

Timothy Bennett

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