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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 16:35:36 GMT
Hi Tom,

I think we might have a better chance at unifying these disparate  
code bases if they are all in one place. And I think that DB might be  
just the place.

For the record, the Apache JDO project has no ORM engine. It has the  
testing infrastructure for ORM and it has the JDO specification API,  
but no implementation. So having a good JDO implementation is a  
project (like your OBJ/EJB3 project) that hasn't begun, and we're  
looking for a good base to start from.

In particular, each of the persistence APIs has a front end (user  
API), a back end (the actual object-to-SQL grind), integration (app  
servers, web servers, Java SE), and tools. A hundred flowers have  
bloomed and I'd like to see more synergy.

That's why I like the idea of Cayenne in DB and would also like to  
see OpenJPA in DB as well.


On Mar 8, 2006, at 7:40 AM, Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> Mhmm, I have one major problem with this (as much as with Cayenne),
> and this is that IMO we (will) have too much ORM engines in Apache
> (with JPA and Cayenne it will be 6 or 7 ?) with little to no
> cooperation (esp. on the code level) between the ones already here. So
> in short, there is no focus and much duplication. Not to mention that
> OJB is planning to add EJB3 persistence (as it happens, done by me - I
> was going to start in May).
> That being said, I think there is a big case for bringing it to DB
> (with much the same arguments as for Cayenne) and for starting a joint
> effort of unifying these projects as much as this is possible/useful
> (e.g. it does only make sense so much to unify JDO and OpenJPA/EJB3).
> cheers,
> Tom
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Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System
408 276-5638
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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