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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ and ServiceMix reports
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 17:13:25 GMT

On Mar 15, 2006, at 7:04 PM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Hiram Chirino wrote:
>> If the ActiveMQ / ServiceMix community do decide to go under some
>> other TLP,  I'm sure it would not take long for the active
>> participants of the community to asked to Join the TLP's PMC.
> I would certainly hope that they would want to be, yes.  Hence ...
>> I believe that merging ActiveMQ and Servicemix into Geronimo
>> community and PMC is easier than most cases since there are
>> all ready several active ActiveMQ/ServiceMix commiters thar
>> are Geronimo PMC members.
> At this moment, Geronimo has 19 PMC members and 7 commmiters who  
> are not on
> the PMC.  That does, of course, change over time.
> The overlap of ActiveMQ and ServiceMix with the Geronimo PMC has 10  
> members.  ActiveMQ has 13 additional people who are not on the  
> Geronimo PMC.
> Adding ServiceMix is just another 4 (17 total), as there is a huge  
> overlap
> between ActiveMQ and ServiceMix.
> I have no idea how active any of these people are on any of the  
> projects in
> any capacity.  Dims appears to feel that there is a large number of
> committers in name only, but I haven't looked at all so for the  
> sake of
> discussion, let's assume that they are all active.  Adding ActiveMQ  
> and
> ServiceMix to Geronimo could increase the size of Geronimo's  
> community from
> 26 to ~40, and assuming a comparable ratio, the PMC from 19 to 30+.
> So is Geronimo prepared to take such actions?  Should it be, at  
> this time?
> And what would that do for diversity, since a lot of people appear  
> to work
> for the same company?

As a Geronimo PMC member, my current feelings on granting commit and  
pmc membership fall into three categories: existing G committers,  
active committers and inactive committers.  Existing G committers are  
a non issue.  Active committers should absolutely get commit access  
to G and assuming they remain active during the incubation period  
(several committs) they should be added to the G pmc.  Inactive  
committers should not get added to the PMC.  As for commit, I think  
this is a case by case basis.  If the person committed major work in  
the past, I give them commit, on the other hand if they only  
committed one file, I wouldn't give them commit.  The difficult  
decisions will be in the middle, and I will look for guidance from  
AMQ and SM on these people.

As we begin to discuss the final graduation of these projects into  
Geronimo, I may be convinced of another set of guidelines.


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