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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: [doc] Incubation Policy -> "Acceptance of Proposal by Sponsor"
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:03:18 GMT
On 3/15/06, Alan D. Cabrera <> wrote:
> I can extrapolate from past behavior on important podling votes.  My
> reservations are fair and based on past behavior.

No one other than an Incubator PMC member can acknowledge receipt of a
message intended for the Incubator PMC.  The notice message should be
sent to general@incubator.  If tardiness of the entire PMC becomes an
issue, we deal with it at that point.  However, I disagree that
tardiness is a pervasive issue.

> I agree with your statement about code imports but I didn't realize that
> they could stop a podling from being created.  IIUC, the Incubator PMC
> has final say on graduation but not on initiation.  Am I wrong in this
> understanding?

The Incubator PMC exists to ensure that all policies and procedures
are enforced for code donations and imports.  If a PMC member has a
procedural question, it must be cleared up before the podling is
created.  For example, the sponsoring PMC may state that they want to
import code into Subversion under the GPL.  That's clearly a no-no and
should be stopped sooner rather than later.

> While I agree that this would be unlikely and that common sense should
> govern the behavior of good cooperative communities, are we not writing
> policy?

Your suggestion removes the Incubator PMC's ability to perform oversight.

In the hypothetical example above with importing GPL (or some other
procedural/policy violation), the Incubator PMC can and should have
the authority to stop the sponsoring PMC from creating such a podling.

Now, what I am stating (and perhaps confusing the issue for you) is
that the Incubator PMC shouldn't be making technical judgments (such
as "no one wants X" or "I don't like Y") - but it has the
responsibility to ensure policies and procuedres are followed.  This
is why podlings can't perform any releases without the explicit
approval of the Incubator PMC.  The Incubator was created by the Board
to ensure our policies are followed.  -- justin

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