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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: [doc] Incubation Policy -> "Acceptance of Proposal by Sponsor"
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 21:34:15 GMT
On 3/15/06, Alan D. Cabrera <> wrote:
> I have a concern about item 2.  It has been my experience that the Incubator PMC can
be a bit tardy in replying to emails.  May I suggest that the 72 hour window starts w/ item
1?  Given that, then item 2 seems superfluous.

Well, given that we haven't tried this policy, I don't think it's fair
to say that the Incubator PMC will be tardy on issuing the ACK -
that'd be a fine complaint to make if you witness it after the policy
is in effect.

The Incubator PMC is delegated with the authority to approve code
imports.  No other PMCs have the authority to approve code imports or
podling creation.

> My next concern is in regard to 3.  It implies that if the Incubator PMC does not positively
vote for the incubation, then it does not get incubated.  IIUC, the Incubator PMC cannot block
the start of the incubation of a project that has been sponsored by another PMC.  Maybe that
changed, I may have missed that exchange.

By and large, I would not expect #3 (someone saying 'no') to happen
very much.  The only valid complaints are about the form and
procedures being followed.  All other complaints by Incubator PMC
members about a podling (such as that they don't like technology
'foo') should be bit-bucketed.  If people try to vote against a
podling sponsored by another PMC because of personal non-procedural
reasons, they're going to get hit with a cluebat.  -- justin

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