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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC membership
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 18:39:38 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> I'm curious, how does one get into the Incubator PMC?

It's open to all members now with a simple ping - ack - short wait cycle.
All members interested in contributing to this effort are welcomed if they
would help provide the mentoring and oversight that Incubator requires.

Since the Incbuator PMC is the 'gateway' of projects (people+code) into the
ASF - the Incubator PMC actually is a small mirror of the members and the
foundation itself.

We had previously added folks as traditional PMCs grow their members, but
something distinctive in the incubator is that once contributors succeed,
their efforts -leave- the incubator into their own TLP or subproject :)

Although it's possible to nominate a non-member into the Incubator PMC, I'm
expecting that, most often, folks will find their way back here as their own
efforts around the projects they've helped launch are recognized - their name
is floated for ASF membership - and they choose to return to the Incubator PMC
to help other new efforts succeed.  Along the way, obviously the contributor
becomes very familiar with the entire mission of the ASF, which helps to make
them an effective mentor.


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