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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 10:12:16 GMT

Yoav Shapira wrote:
> Hola,
> A couple of questions:
>> :Core Developers:
>> Fourteen of the initial committers are BEA employees. One of those is a
>> committer on the Apache JDO project. We anticipate that five of these
>> fourteen will be involved in the core code development, and the other
>> nine will be involved in documentation and ongoing QA for the project.
> Must the other 9 have commit privileges?  If they're doing docs and
> QA, most of what they'll be doing is available via JIRA or whatever
> issue tracker is set up.

There's no harm in QA and docs people having commit, especially if they 
are working on SVN-based QA infrastructure and/or documentation that has 
some permanence and structure in a reusable format. :)

(We had a doco person as a committer in Velocity many years ago w/ no 
downside, and <joke> we'd be breaking new ground having formal QA people 
in an open source project </joke> )

>> JPA is for use in any Java application, not just J2EE. Therefore, any
>> application that needs to do data persistence in the object/relational
>> style (including any application that currently uses Hibernate) will
>> benefit from Open JPA.
> Would it make sense for this to go in DB or Jakarta, then?  The
> Geronimo association implies a J2EE container in my mind.

It makes far more sense in DB, although it makes sense as a TLP as well 
(as much as anything does).  I don't see the Jakarta link other than 
it's in Java.

This is a peer technology to JDO2, for example, and arguably wouldn't 
exist if not for the cesspool of politics that surrounded The Great 
EJB3/JDO2 War of 2004.  I suspect though that it will have a far larger 
community given the popularity and hype around the spec.

The Geronimo associations are due to the fact that EJB3, the EJB version 
for J2EE 5, has a subspec that it's own core persistence engine.  That 
is what JPA is.  ("Son of EJB3")  So Geronimo can use OpenJPA as the 
persistence engine for it's EJB3 implementation, but the spec for JPA is 
explicit in it not requiring J2EE or EJB - it's for general use in J2SE, 
just like Hibernate, for example.

When we've discussed how Roller, for example, can shed it's Hibernate 
dependency, I've suggested that Roller switch to the "EJB3 persistence 
API" that Hibernate also implements has so that some future Apache 
Licensed implementation could be substituted to comply with distribution 
requirements. OpenJPA is one such Apache Licensed implementation, or 
will hopefully soon be.


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