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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: [Wicket] As erspective podling candidate
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 15:07:44 GMT

Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications) wrote:
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>> From: Geir Magnusson Jr [] 
>> Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 10:46 AM
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>> Subject: Re: [Wicket] As erspective podling candidate
>> do *they* want to?  why would they want to move?
> Geir,
> I've been tracking the progress of the Wicket community for a while now,
> as I've personally adopted Wicket as a web application development
> framework, both privately and professionally.

What!?!?!?!  Not Ruby On Rails????  Do your friends know?  :)

> As part of my tracking of the project, I became aware last December that
> the Wicket core developers were planning an exit strategy from
> Sourceforge.  > I immediately felt like Wicket would be a great candidate
> for Apache, not just because of the innovation of the technology, but
> because they already had a healthy and vibrant developer, user, and
> support community.  I asked Alex Karasulu if he thought Wicket would be
> a good fit for Apache, and he readily agreed.  It was at that time that
> both Alex and myself approached the Wicket team to determine if there
> was an interest level on their part in possibly moving to Apache.
> Their interest is VERY high in moving to Apache, but they had some
> questions and concerns.  Some have been addressed, but some issues
> remain outstanding.  For instance, they understand that incubation is
> necessary, but they very concerned about continued support of their
> already mature product and user base, and the long-term future of
> Wicket.  In essence, they are exhibiting the some of the core
> characteristics of what an Apache PMC is supposed to do.
> Wicket is no one-man show.  They have a core set of about half a dozen
> developers, with a number of other second-tier contributors.  Their user
> community is heavily involved in wiki contribution and providing
> user-contribs of Wicket component extensions, and integrations with
> technologies like Spring and Hibernate.  Others, like myself, are
> interested in Wicket's natural affinity to live in OSGi, with or without
> a servlet container.  The core developers have a detailed roadmap for
> future growth of the technology, and they readily include their user
> community in helping prioritize new features.  Their user mailing is
> very active (125-175 posts/day), and the core developers are readily
> accessible via mailing list and IRC.  Additionally, they are under
> contract to product a Wicket-In-Action book, which is currently be
> written.
> Bottom line is that Wicket WILL move from Sourceforge.  The only
> question is where and when.  They are getting ready for a 1.2 release
> within the next month.  After that, they want to move the project before
> starting on the 1.3 release path.  They are very interested in Apache,
> but are naturally concerned about incubation.  They will want to move as
> quickly through the incubator as possible, and I believe the maturity of
> their developer community will facilitate.  They know they have things
> to learn about the Apache Way, but they will be motivated to demonstrate
> this as quickly as possible in order to exit as a top level project at
> Apache in preparation for their 1.3 release.  As such, they feel they
> will be demanding to their incubator mentor(s) and they would like some
> assurances of having enough Apache support.  Moving Wicket is an
> expensive endeavor both in time and resources, not to mention the impact
> to the user community.  It is a job they want to do once, so they are
> being very careful and diligent in choosing their new home.
> IMO Apache has a great opportunity to bring one of the next brightest
> technologies under the ASF umbrella.  Wicket is interested in Apache.
> If Apache is interested in Wicket, then I would gladly offer my
> assistence in helping facilitate further discussions between the
> necessary peeps within Apache and the core Wicket dev team.

Sounds good.  I'm just interested in what motivates people to come here. 
Good luck!


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