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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Non-final materials in final ASF materials
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:48:42 GMT
On Saturday 18 March 2006 01:36, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> I am quite new at Apache, but from my understanding, the incubation 
> process as nothing to do with the quality of the releases the 
> incubated project produces. It has mainly to do with the ASF 
> endorsing the project (though I do not have a clear understanding 
> of what it really means...) 

Correct. Nothing to do about the technical quality, but that the ASF is 
stating "We (ASF) have vetted this codebase to the best of our abillities, 
and it should now be unencumbered of copyrights and licensing terms, and we 
have an active community around the codebase that will ensure the long-term 
viability of this project."

So when Leo say "at your own risk", it is in the context of "our vetting and 
community building process is not yet complete, and this *may* never become 
an endorsed ASF project".

> Doing only milestones may be good for new projects, but for 
> projects that do have a huge user community, not being able to 
> do releases can be a problem 
> -- what about bugfix releases on previous versions ?  
> Such projects may be in need of "real" releases, even if 
> incubating (and thus, non endorsed by the ASF).

Such projects are encouraged to do these releases at their "current" home. 
Nothing stops ActiveMQ to make a release out of the CodeHaus location, 
although it is in ASF incubation.


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