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From James Strachan <>
Subject Why rewind? (Re: Let's rewind!!! (Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project)
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:12:12 GMT
On 2 Feb 2006, at 18:36, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Folks,
> There is no proposal, there is just a zip, unless someone is a
> clairvoyant, we can't figure out things like.

We were first voting to see if the servicemix community and geronimo  
PMC were willing to accept the donation. Given it fits nicely with  
the existing ServiceMix incubation proposal I see no need for a new  
proposal for a donation of code to an existing incubating project.

> general@incubator.

Will do.

> - Which specific version of the spec is implemented?
> - Where are the list of known issues?
> - Where is the TODO list?

We were gonna update the status document of ServiceMix if folks voted  
to accept it. We are still in incubation

> - Why is Axis version 1.2 RC1 (and not even Axis 1.2 final even if we
> forget that the current version is Axis 1.3)

I don't see the version of a jar as influencing whether or not we  
accept a contribution.

> - Is there any relation to workflow?

Not really, its an orchestration engine for an ESB so as I've already  
said its very well suited to the ServiceMix project and first well  
within its scope.

> - Is there no opportunity for interaction with our Existing incubation
> project Agila?

We'll see - lets first vote to accept the patch then let the  
community decide those things down the road.

> - Are there people from sybase who will be working?


> - Geronimo is becoming an umbrella rapidly and now ServiceMix wants to
> be one too?

Not at all - this is just some code being donated to the ServiceMix  
project. No umbrella.

> - Why are people talking as though the code is FINAL

Its a stable implementation that does what it says on the tin. See  
the test cases for example

> - Do *ANY* of the existing servicemix committers know this code  
> inside out?

We've looked pretty closely at it and really like it.

> - If people are not going to touch this contrib code with a barge pole
> then why should it be accepted?

As I already said in reply to Ken; there are quire a few commiters  
simply itching to work on the code and some contributors from Sybase  


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