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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Let's rewind!!! (Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project)
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 15:49:43 GMT

BTW before I start, can you please respond to one of the mails asking  
for whether you are ready to remove your -1 so we can release  
ActiveMQ; we've been waiting a while for your response... 

On 15 Feb 2006, at 00:06, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> Bill,
> From what I am reading today between you, Geir, Lance and Mattieu,  
> it seems
> that there is an emerging consensus,

For a new ODE podling yes.

> so if you are all willing, we could add
> your team as committers to Agila and import the code base as soon  
> as we have
> the software grant (I haven't checked to see if that is already  
> filed).

Why are you trying to merge the ODE proposal into the Agila proposal  
- which was quite different and based around BPM not BPEL? (FWIW  
Sybase's BPEL engine probably has way more in common to ServiceMix  
than the Agila BPM engine).

But be that as it may, in terms of community there is way more cross- 
over with the ServiceMix community and the ODE proposal than Agila.  
The communities preference was to join ServiceMix but folks wanted a  
new podling to be proposed - so we've done that, its ODE.

 From a quick look at the Agila SVN logs it appears that today Agila  
has 3 committers, One person has been inactive for almost a year &  
one other works on the BPM engine and the other person (Matthiew) is  
the only person actually working on a BPEL engine in Agila and has  
already volunteered to join the ODE effort. Compare that with the ODE  

Surely it'd make more sense to just start a new podling around this  
community and new code, then let the projects cooperate in the usual  
Apache way during incubation?

> We
> will have multiple engines unless/until the people working on them  
> decide to
> merge them, but will look for the workflow community to come  
> together as
> one,

Remember we are talking about 1 person from the Agila project who's  
interested in working on ODE which already has a fairly large  
community behind it.

> while managing multiple engines and supporting a variety of client
> projects.
> I would hope to see everyone who has been in favor of workflow, but  
> not sure
> about how it was being imported, to be active in helping to build a  
> healthy
> workflow community.

Workflow in general is kinda different from orchestration. (Workflow  
often tends to focus on user task lists and the like just as Agila  
does). I'd recommend keeping them separate for now - just like they  
are inside Agila today.

> Personally, I look forward to seeing happy,
> enthusiastic, comments; cross-pollination; many using projects; and an
> overall advancement in solutions to the problem domain.



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