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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Let's rewind!!! (Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project)
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 15:11:11 GMT
On 15 Feb 2006, at 14:48, Lance Waterman wrote:
> In the spirit of nailing down criteria, I would agree with;
>> ... avoid the BPEL
>> engine having to write a container, a deployment model and a suite of
>> 'binding components' to different SOAP stacks, WS-* policies and
>> transports - together with all the runtime management.
> With regard to "runtime management" I am thinking transactions,  
> resource
> allocation, etc ... but not BPEL process instance management.

Agreed - the BPEL engine must do its own persistence. Hopefully the  
BPEL engine can also expose a bunch of MBeans for management too. But  
the BPEL engine could rely on an external container such as JBI to  
handle runtime hot-deployment of BPELs etc


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