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From "David E. Jones" <>
Subject Re: OFBiz - next steps
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 07:53:36 GMT

On Feb 4, 2006, at 6:04 AM, David N. Welton wrote:

> *) IP clearance checklist - I need to make a copy of that in SVN here,
> /incubator/site-author/ip-clearance.  I'll try and get that done over
> the weekend.

I have some questions specific to the IP clearance issue for OFBiz. I  
looked at the legal-discuss mailing list, but it appears to only be  
open to committers. I have my iCLA on its way, though I'm not sure  
how long that takes and if I should wait for that to ask this question.

The main question is that while one of the strengths of OFBiz is that  
there is a good community made up of a number of people and a LOT of  
people (dozens) who have contributed code to the project, but that  
also means that if I understand it right the initial license grant is  
somewhat tricky...

The main resources I've found for the license grant are:

Under the MIT license we have been using there is no assignment or  
granting of copyright. All of the code is licensed under the MIT  
license, and the copyright everywhere is listed under "The Open For  
Business Project". I don't know if this is an issue or not as the  
Apache license doesn't involve ownership of copyright, just a use
license grant and such. Do we need to get any sort of license grant  
from other contributors? Under the MIT license terms we can add a  
license to it, but not remove that license, but if read literally the  
license comes from "The Open For Business Project". So, I guess I'm  
not sure what we really need in this area...

Are there any guidelines about the size of a code contribution that  
would necessitate a license grant document?

I guess one way or another we need to go through the commits and pick  
out who we need to get a document signed by. Before getting started  
with this we made sure that all current contributors were okay with  
it, but it is sounding more and more like the group of people who  
need to sign over a license grant for OFBiz may be pretty large...

So, it is clear that all current committers and those who have  
contributed larger chunks of code need to sign and submit a license  
grant, but I'm wondering where we can (or need to) draw the line...  
For example, if someone submits a patch and we apply it, do we need  
to get a license grant from that person no matter the size of the patch?

If this is better to put and discuss on the legal-discuss list just  
let me know and I'll do what is needed to get on that list, or  
perhaps David, Yoav, or J. Aaron could help with this.


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