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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: Ode / BPEL Donation of BPEL 2.0 Engine
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 07:53:04 GMT
Done.  Feel free to amend.


Davanum Srinivas wrote, On 2/15/2006 2:15 PM:
> Welcome aboard!!!!
> Alan, James,
> Could you please update the wiki proposal?
> thanks,
> dims
> On 2/15/06, Ismael Ghalimi <> wrote:
>>Good afternoon,
>>My name is Ismael Ghalimi, and I am the CEO of Intalio. Our company would be
>>interested in participating to the Ode project through a donation of the PXE
>>BPEL 2.0 engine and the dedication of development resources to the project.
>>The PXE BPEL 2.0 engine is currently licensed under the CPL open source
>>license, and has been integrated into third-party products/projects such as
>>Sun's Java Studio Enterprise and LogicBlaze's ServiceMix.
>>We understand that multiple implementations of BPEL might be contributed to
>>the project, and are willing to support the one that will be selected by the
>>Ode community. We believe that Apache is the right community for the
>>development of a solid implementation of the latest BPEL specification, and
>>our goal is to participate to this project as actively as we can, so that
>>the community at large could benefit from it. Ideally, we would like to
>>contribute to the development of a BPEL engine that could be deployed on top
>>of any J2EE application server, integrated with any ESB, and support the
>>most current version of the BPEL specification.
>>Alongside our donation of the PXE BPEL 2.0 engine, we are also willing to
>>contribute an AJAX-powered management console for the BPEL engine and an
>>XForms-based workflow engine that implements the concepts of the BPEL4People
>>proposal from IBM and SAP, without relying on any extension of the BPEL
>>specification. We believe that the BPEL management console should become
>>part of the Ode project, while the BPEL4People workflow engine could either
>>become part of the Ode project, or be developed through a separate project.
>>Additionally, the following people would participate to the project:
>>* Assaf Arkin [], co-author of the BPEL specification
>>* Alex Boisvert [], PXE Developer
>>* Jacques-Alexandre Gerber [], BPEL4People Developer
>>* Holger Hoffstaette [], PXE Developer
>>* Iwan Memruk [], BPEL4People Developer
>>* Maciej Szefler [], PXE Chief Architect
>>* Matthieu Riou [], Agila + PXE Developer
>>* Nazar Stasiv [] Console developer
>>* Olexandr Zakordonskyy [], PXE & Console developer
>>* Oleg Zenzin [], BPEL4People Developer
>>Beyond our open source work on PXE, Intalio has developed a good experience
>>with Open Source projects in general and the Apache community in particular.
>>For example, we were the original developers for OpenEJB, which served as
>>one of the building blocks for Geronimo. We also developed the original
>>codebase for Slide and donated OpenXML to the Xerces project, alongside
>>IBM's donation of XML4J. We also developed the Castor, OpenJMS and OpenORB
>>projects under Apache license. These projects are now being developed by
>>communities such as CodeHaus or ObjectWeb.
>>Today, we wish to share our experience and resources with the Apache
>>community, and look forward to a very successful and exciting project.
>>Best regards
>>Ismael Chang Ghalimi, CEO
>>Intalio, The Open Source BPMS Company
>> |
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> Davanum Srinivas :
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