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From "David N. Welton" <>
Subject Re: OFBiz - next steps
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2006 22:32:59 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> As long as you make sure that the questions are more obvious from the docs
> afterwards, don't apologize :-)

>>*) IP clearance checklist - I need to make a copy of that in SVN here,
>>/incubator/site-author/ip-clearance.  I'll try and get that done over
>>the weekend.

Ok, I added /incubator/site-author/ip-clearance/ofbiz.xml - although I
only cut the lines to be cut and changed the title.  More later...

> Its not just the ip clearance that's needed. There's the concept of an
> incubator status file (see below).

I added that too, thanks to Jacopo Cappellato, who did the initial
version of it.

>>*) iCLA's - the OFBiz guys are working on it.  This needs to happen
>>before they get accounts, and conversely, they get accounts once this
>>happens, right?

> if the right emails are sent as documented on /dev/, yup.

Which /dev/ are you referring to?

>>*) Cleaning up the code - they're in the process of cleaning up the
>>code, getting rid of LGPL dependencies.  This needs to happen prior to
>>the code touching our subversion repositories, correct?

> No. It needs to happen prior to making any kind of release, and no LGPL
> code or binaries should touch our SVN. But working on removing such a
> dependency while within the incubator is okay.

Ok - I get the impression that they've got a good handle on this, and
may be able to do the initial import with no dependancies.

>>*) JIRA - they have a JIRA instance of their own, which should be
>>migrated to the ASF.  I don't know anything about admin'ing JIRA, so I
>>believe this step will require collaboration between David Jones and
>>someone on the infrastructure team.  Should I/we go ahead and open an
>>issue on our side for JIRA migration?  Does this step have dependencies,
>>or can it start to happen when people are ready to do the work?

> Yes, go ahead. I think this is quite a tricky thing to do. Jeff Turner is
> the guy from the infra team to talk to.

Ok.  So, if David Jones is reading this, that would be jefft followed by, right?

>>*) Mailing lists - an issue needs to be opened for the infrastructure
>>team to create them, and then collaborate on moving over the existing
>>subscriber list.  Same question on dependencies as above.
> No particular dependencies. Provide the subscriber list as a file with
> email addresses seperated by newlines and add it to the jira issue, and
> its easy for the apmail people to add all those people in one swoop.
> Once that is done you can send an email to the new mailing list and all
> those people will know they're on a new list.

> Handling external mailing list archives (eg marc, mail-archives, gmane)
> might be a little work and depends on how those archives are set up to
> interact with the ASF stuff; I think some of them have 'special' support.

I'll let the OFBiz guys take it from here on this issue...

>>Anything else?
> The first step before doing any of the above is to get an incubation
> status file filled out and up on
> Eg, start off with

Thanks to Jacopo, we have an initial cut at that, but neither he nor I
has the tools to turn it into HTML (and I need to get some sleep tonight).

If anyone else on the OFBiz team wants to have a crack at it, it's
attached to this email (I'm not sure you can access the incubator repo

David N. Welton

Linux, Open Source Consulting

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