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From "David N. Welton" <>
Subject OFBiz - next steps
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 13:04:03 GMT

So, with the vote having passed, there are some things to do.  I think
we need some guidance in terms of things to do and what steps can be run
in parallel.  Sorry if some of this is obvious.

*) IP clearance checklist - I need to make a copy of that in SVN here,
/incubator/site-author/ip-clearance.  I'll try and get that done over
the weekend.

*) iCLA's - the OFBiz guys are working on it.  This needs to happen
before they get accounts, and conversely, they get accounts once this
happens, right?

*) Cleaning up the code - they're in the process of cleaning up the
code, getting rid of LGPL dependencies.  This needs to happen prior to
the code touching our subversion repositories, correct?

*) JIRA - they have a JIRA instance of their own, which should be
migrated to the ASF.  I don't know anything about admin'ing JIRA, so I
believe this step will require collaboration between David Jones and
someone on the infrastructure team.  Should I/we go ahead and open an
issue on our side for JIRA migration?  Does this step have dependencies,
or can it start to happen when people are ready to do the work?

*) Mailing lists - an issue needs to be opened for the infrastructure
team to create them, and then collaborate on moving over the existing
subscriber list.  Same question on dependencies as above.

Anything else?

David N. Welton

Linux, Open Source Consulting

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