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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 11:26:09 GMT
On 4 Feb 2006, at 01:38, Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> I'm going to remove my original -1 from this thread and vote +1 for  
> it.
> My apologies for helping to create this major ruckus. This type of
> heated discussion does not help build communities and cross community
> interactions that would benefit all of us in many ways. That is
> especially so because this has partly become ServiceMix vs. WS ..  
> which
> is terrible because that's not what the discussions should be about at
> all. In any case, the WS project is BIG at the moment and I'd  
> personally
> -1 any proposal to add 20+ more committers to our already overloaded
> committer list.
> So, if the ServiceMix folks feel that a BPEL engine needs to be  
> near to
> their heart, then I'm all for it. I realize that my knowledge of JBI
> isn't enough to have a strong position on the technical rationale  
> for it
> but am happy to defer to folks likes James, Dan, Aron and others that
> obviously do.
> I'm not on the Geronimo PMC and so have no part of this vote formally.
> When this finds its way into a vote on the Incubator PMC (which I'm  
> on)
> I will read the proposal and vote on it; assuming it meets the  
> criteria
> of not being code thrown over the wall, etc. etc. I'll be +1.
> Good luck folks .. I'll keep an eye on it and look to participate  
> where
> possible and appropriate.

Thanks for your kind words Sanjiva. This has been an interesting  
debate, I think we've all learnt from it and are all agreeing far  
more than not. The way I see it right now we all agree that

* we all want to see more cross community collaboration in this space  
(Geronimo, ServiceMix, Synapse, Tuscany, WS et al;).

* we all want the code & Sybase to work with us

* we want the BPEL code to be as reusable as possible in any Apache  
project (*)

* at some point in the future, if there is a large and vibrant  
community behind it who wants it to be so, there should be a separate  
BPEL project

The only area of disagreement seems to be how we start; Sybase & the  
ServiceMix community want to work on the code inside the existing  
ServiceMix project as there is great synergy of people, technology  
and scope - plus we are already in the incubator.  The ServiceMix  
community are very open to contributions from anyone and we hope to  
grow the community further - our arms are wide open to contributions  
and we'd welcome any involvement from WS or Tuscany or any other part  
of Apache.

(*) the BPEL engine will always be reusable by anyone inside or  
outside Apache with minimum dependencies. If folks wanna use it  
without JBI at all that's fine too; though the benefit is if you  
integrate with JBI once you have one integration point that will  
always work with the BPEL engine - together with any other BPEL  
engine and any other integration component for that matter too...

i.e. you'd save yourself heaps of time by just integrating with the  
JBI API rather than the implementation-details APIs of this specific  
BPEL engine. Be that as it may - anyone at Apache (or elsewhere) can  
reuse any part of the code they like.


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