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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Ode proposal
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 05:56:38 GMT
On Saturday 18 February 2006 12:05, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Got word from Noel that the PPMC for Ode (seeded by mentors) will VOTE
> on giving people access (just like Harmony and other projects).

Without getting into what representation of Noel's statement was...

All due respect, I still didn't get an answer on why it is such a big deal 
(Harmony is different due to SCSL exposure, and IIRC no initial codebase 

Let's assume for a second that the bar of entry is raised to HTTPd levels for 
podlings, and podlings coming into the Incubator at the current rate;

I can only observe that the individuals driving all these proposals are 
largely the same group of people. Even when working full time on Apache 
projects, each one's effort will stretch very thin.

Quick (non-scientific[1]) look at projects you guys (mentors of ODE) are 
working on;
  Dims = 18 projects
  Strachan = 12 projects
  Geir = 16 projects

And compare that with some "heavy weighters";

  Ken Coar = 6 projects
  Greg Stein = 5 projects.
  Roy Fielding = 3 projects
  Noel Bergman = 6 projects

Please note; this is not about *your* commitment to ASF, and how you choose to 
distribute your time over 1 or many projects, but isn't it in the interest of 
the ASF to distribute the work load, broaden the community and get "more 
hands on deck"?? 

I can't see *any* benefit of locking out the people who wrote the code in the 
first place. I can't see any benefit of the three mentors doing a 
person-by-person vetting process. I only see slower pace and potential 
frustration from individuals who has been working on the codebase, possibly 
for years.


[1] grep <apachename> /x1/svn/asf-authorization | grep -v ^pmc-chairs | grep 
-v ^svnadmins | grep -v ^members | grep -v ^apsite | grep -v ^committers | 
grep -v ^infrastructure | grep -v pmc | grep -v ^avalon | grep -v ^board | 
grep -c ""

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