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From Leo Simons <>
Subject [site] URLs, xdocs, references
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 07:30:27 GMT
Hi gang,

This whole "how do we do URLs for an xdocs website" stuff is interesting. We
were used to the forrest way of doing things (aka being really intelligent
about it), and now we have the anakia way of doing things (aka, at least
currently, ignoring the fact that we're working with URLss completely).

By far the safest way to do all this is to simply forgo the whole relative+
base = absolute and use absolute links everywhere. Failing that, there is the
option to specify the base explicitly (which I put in place) so that it is
trivial to understand what the absolute URL becomes when there is a relative
one given. Failing that, it all becomes a little harder. The next possibility
is to use relative URLs that either start with a '#' (eg are just fragment
identifiers) or with a '/' (eg only use the "host" part of whatever is the
base URL).

I think we're at this last step. So, word of advice:

  in all source xdocs, specify URLs that start either start with

    or with '#'
    or with '/'

does that make sense?



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