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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 14:01:04 GMT
On 3 Feb 2006, at 13:45, Paul Fremantle wrote:
> James
> I'm sure you want a single strong community around JBI. But a BPEL  
> is a
> specification that is completely independent of JBI and indeed of  
> Java.

You're talking about the BPEL XML language; I'm talking about a Java  
based orchestration engine.

> If you make the argument that everything that can be potentially  
> used as a
> JBI component is part of ServiceMix then you pretty much include  
> every part
> of the JBI stack.

I'm not arguing for everything that can *potentially* be used as a  
JBI component, I'm saying everything that *should* be used as a JBI  
component within a JBI container (in this case to orchestrate other  
JBI components) should ideally be developed within the Apache JBI  

> A BPEL server is an excellent project for Apache. I for one am very  
> excited
> about the possibility of engaging in that project .

Why don't you join the Agila project then?

> I'm very keen for Sybase
> to donate this code. But you can make it integrate closely into  
> ServiceMix
> without it being tightly coupled.

Its not about coupling, its about what is the standards based  
container and component model for a Java based orchestration engine.  
Note that one of the whole points of JBI is that it defines a  
component model so that any JBI component can run in any JBI  
container such as ObjectWeb's Petals or Sun's OpenESB or any other  
commercial JBI container.


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