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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: ajax proposal?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:02:26 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

> whether I get involved with the Zimbra toolkit, and try to help them
> see the light, I need to make a personal decision between putting my
> energy into that, here at the ASF, or putting it into a non-ASF
> project that is already on the right track. I know I don't have the
> energy to do both. ;-)

If you take your comment to a conclusion, you could be saying that if you
don't have time to contribute here, the project should be rejected.

Yes, I agree that I've reduced your comment to the absurd conclusion, and
one which you most certainly did not intend.

But what is a solution?  You appear to be against trying to incubate the
project because of its current architecture, others appear to want to try.
Do we accept it because they want it give it a try, or reject it without
trying because you don't have time to help fix it?

I'll note that although I'm not familar with Zimbra, there is another
proposed project for the Incubator that I am familar with, due to working
with another project that uses it, and I seriously dislike it (I'd never use
it).  Yes, I'm being intentionally vague, because I don't want to prejudice
it, and there are other people quite keen to incubate the project.

FWIW, I would want to see your technical concerns addressed before
graduation, but so far, we have had little if any discussion of what those
tecnical issues really are, or so it seems from the archives.

	--- Noel

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