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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] AJAX Toolkit Proposal - Updated
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:16:07 GMT

As others have suggested, please attach the proposal.  Is this a vote on the proposal contained

 Message-ID: <>

posted by Ross Dargahi on January 11, 2006?

I believe that many of the complaints people have raised previously, or currently, can be
addressed by renaming the thing to something that doesn't seem to co-opt a category (AJAX)
for a project.  No one knows how the project will evolve, but at least initially, the codebase
is a specific donation, although we cannot use that name because it is also the name of the
donating company.

As I understand it, there is a general consensus that:

 - we need to appropriately name the project.

 - recognize that it is just one toolkit, not an exclusive
   location for the general technology within the ASF.

 - the initial codebase is just that: initial.  Once the
   code is here, if people feel that the code sucks or the
   architecture sucks, or whatever else someone wants to
   complain about, all parties understood that the future
   direction of the architecture and code is, as is
   everything at the ASF, subject to communal will.

 - Other contributors interested in AJAX, with or without
   existing codebases, are free to contribute, or to
   propose additional AJAX-related projects.

I do see clear interest in AJAX.  Portals, MyFaces, and others (plus I know of an outside
project or two that would be interested in contributing), can all make use of AJAX.  Whether
or not *this* project provides anything useful to them will depend on who participates and
where the project goes as it evolves.

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