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From Raphaël Luta <>
Subject Re: ajax proposal?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 12:38:24 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> Raphaël Luta wrote:
>>Do we have other incubating projects following the Kabuki pattern, ie
>>all initial committers from a single company with the mentor salaried
>>by the same company ? I'd sure like to know how these evolved if
>>we have any.
> Hmm ... I'd have to check, but XMLBeans, Beehive and Derby?  Certainly
> Derby, which was brought in by IBM and Mentored by Ken and Sam.

Derby had 3 mentors so they would pass the 3 members check although they
are all tied to the sponsor.
Beehive seems to have had 2 members from the get go (dims and craig) none
of them associated with the sponsor.
XMLBeans had only 1 member/committer from the beginning but not affiliated
with the sponsor.

>>As far as i know, it has never been reviewed on the mailing-list
>>probably because it didn't show up on the radar.
> So should we take the lack of use as a critique against anything other than
> visibility?

No but should the ASF provide instant visibility to any framework
without having the sponsor to work at least a little on the community
before coming to the ASF ?
Isn't AjaxTk already open-sourced ?

If you want to try something, go on, freshmeat, etc... and try
*finding* AjaxTk. It sure helps understand why it's not on anybody's radar.

Seeing Zimbra current OSS efforts with this toolkit (even with an ASF member
in their team), I have a hard time believing this proposal is anything but a
branding exercise to help this toolkit stand out in the crowd of Ajax toolkits.

My "admission bar" for such proposals is set much higher than usual.

Raphaël Luta -
Apache Portals - Enterprise Portal in Java

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