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From Si Chen <>
Subject Re: Proposal for OFBiz to Join the ASF
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 22:32:16 GMT

Thank you for offering to mentor the project.  I am one of the other 
group of committers for the Open For Business project and would like to 
share my thoughts about "potential competition" with you.

Over the past year, we've seen the growing prominence of several open 
source applications such as SugarCRM. There could be no question that 
open source applications will eventually become a major part of the open 
source landscape. Just as importantly, as open source applications gain 
popularity, they would become the natural adoption drivers for the 
middleware and infrastructure tiers. 

The only question is, how will open source applications be built and 
distributed? Would they be built by commercial vendors, or would they be 
built by truly open community development in the Apache style?

Today, Open For Business is the only enterprise application project 
which is not built by one centralized organization, but rather by a 
community. You can see from our development logs that we draw upon a 
large pool of contributors from all over the world. Furthermore, as a 
novice user who over time became one of the core contributors of the 
project, I can personally attest to the fact that anyone can make a 
contribution to Open For Business.

Therefore, by sponsoring the Open For Business project, Apache could 
help set the future of open source applications and ensure that there 
would always be open communities for open source business applications.

Si Chen

J Aaron Farr wrote:

>On 1/10/06, David E. Jones <> wrote:
>>We are all looking forward to your comments and desire to express in
>>advance appreciation for all that you have done and are doing for the
>>open source world and the software world in general through your
>>efforts in the Apache Software Foundation.
>This proposal has caught my interest.  I'd be willing to help mentor.
>A couple of points:
>The proposal says that this project is to be sponsored by the ASF
>Board.  Is that correct?  Did the Board already +1 on or are we still
>searching for a sponsoring entity?
>Apache has generally stayed away from end user applications and
>instead focuses on infrastructure and middleware.  That's not
>completey true, but is a good rule of thumb.  For example, a lot of
>contributors and supporters of the ASF use our code to create
>ecommerce products.  I'm a little worried that some may view this
>proposal as the ASF attempting to compete with these contributors.
>  jaaron

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