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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Collecting Proposed changes
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 20:29:25 GMT
Totally agree with Justin straight down the line.  One additional thought;

> -1 / No:
> - Petition the Board to require Incubator PMC VOTE to begin incubation 
> process even for projects that other PMC's want to sponsor.

Now, we are the Board's committee to found new projects.  That said, we can't
(generally) interfere with any other PMC's activities.  That said,

there will come times when the incubator sees a serious concern with a proposal.
There is no reason for the incubator not to hold an 'advisory vote', following
a controversial code base, and present the Board with the results of the PMC
vote to incubate and a negative advisory vote by the incubator, with links to
both threads so that the Board can do some high bandwidth digesting of the
issues that are raised.

But what I expect to see more often is that the incubator raises specific
concerns with a new proposal that the presenters are willing to remedy, and that
the sponsoring PMC didn't anticipate.  That would be goodness.

So I'd suggest, within 72 hours of a new project hitting the incubator, that any
incubator PMC member can call for an advisory vote and comment period if they
see issues with what's been presented by the sponsoring PMC.

The most important bullet, however, is that this is *advisory*.  This committee
will not block action by another PMC, but if needed, it will perform it's job
of oversight by reporting discrepancies to the board.  And then, wash our hands
of the objections and let the board sort it out.  Remember that PMC's do not
answer to this committee, they answer to the board.


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