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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate TMCg2
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 05:30:01 GMT
To publish the initial page the following need to be threshed out...

Stein, Neil S wrote:
>> At this time I would like to propose the adoption of the TMCg2 as
>> an incubator project under the ASF.
>> Community:
 >> [Snip]

Need names here, including those who plan to actually participate from beyond
the original committer base.  Include those without CLA's - that can be dealt
with (and updated) next.  There is concerned that this is a two man project
(which obviously, it's not, but that was the original posting.)  If you have
names, they should be added now (and subscribe to the -dev list upon creation.)

>> 3.1 mailing list(s)
>>     * tmcg2-ppmc
>>     * tmcg2-dev
>>     * tmcg2-commits
>>     * tmcg2-user

For the moment, we need only -ppmc, -dev and -commits, we can add -user
after the initial evaluation tarball.  That list name would change of course
once the project graduated, confusing users further.

>> 3.2 Subversion repository
>>     * [WWW]

Prior to any initial import, this should be made available at least to ASF
members for review;  Roy notes that contains no code.
Can we publish this?  I can place it in an incubator PMC-only repository for
all PMC or ASF members to consider before import/adoption.

>>     * tmcg2 (TMCg2)
>> Mentors:     Bill Rowe
>>            Jim Jagielski

Add Mads to that list of course.  Jim, since your offer was quite some time
ago ... ping, are you still interested in mentoring?

A final concern was raised, TMCg2 stands for (???).  I've read it as 'The
Management Console generation 2'.  Now from an OSS standpoint, there's no
first generation, so I'd suggest dropping the g2 designation.  But was I badly
mistaken?  Someone's suggested that the M is Merck, but I've seen no such ref.


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