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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Experiment : Incubator site done in xdocs...
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:53:17 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Geir's experiment was incomplete and he reported
> difficulty with some docs. Perhaps the following
> will help, or perhaps you already have a better
> solution.

I just want people to stay informed over here. You can see David is keen 
to support your move away from Forrest, I'm keen to ensure the decision 
is a well informed one. However, as stated previously I am also keen to 
see you use the right tool for your needs - this is information for 
those who want it, *not* a continuing campaign to change minds.

Forrest now has the following improvements as a result of feedback here:

Look and Feel

I've now completed the first prototype of an ASF Theme. This is 
different to the ASF skin I linked to last week, it uses the forthcoming 
Dispatcher code which is a replacement for the skin system (some 
advantages are that it is much easier to manage, produces much cleaner 
output, you can change the layout/style of a page on a per directory or 
even per page basis and much more).

The Theme is not 100% complete, I'm no CSS expert. It is already better 
than the skin I knocked together earlier. Both need the attention of a 
CSS person to finally polish off though.

Note the output of both the skin and the theme is 100% CSS, not a table 
in sight, no spacer gifs no inline style. Just clear, concise HTML output.


Geir suggested that we should enable the saving of documents from a 
"forrest run" preview to the local build directoy to prevent the need to 
separately build a site.

This now works, but only with a Firefox extension, it will work with any 
browser when someone decides to do that work. It's really easy to get 
other browsers to do it (it's just a request for a specific URL to enact 
the save). The intention is to have an "in page" menu for this when 
running in "dev" mode.

This allow the saving of a single page and the use of svn diffs to 
ensure the expected changes have been made - as requested.

Next step is to enable a full site rebuild and a site deploy from within 
the browser (no more console/browser switching).


Both of these features are in SVN trunk. I have no intention of 
backporting them to the 0.7 branch.


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