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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: Starting a java specs project
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 16:32:15 GMT
On 12/31/2005 1:12 PM, Craig L Russell wrote:

> I haven't been involved in any history here, so please forgive my 
> naivete.
> I think I understand the rationale for developing spec jars here at 
> Apache. Please correct me if I'm wrong. In order to use a spec jar 
> from the JCP, you have to click a license every time you download it. 
> And this can be a real usability problem if every user of a project 
> needs to manually download just to click a license that they don't 
> read anyway (oops, gotta stop that).
> It seems like a real waste of energy to have more than one spec jar in 
> Apache per spec. Bygones. Whether this was accidental or intentional, 
> it seems that we mostly need to agree on where the jars live and make 
> sure that everyone knows where that is.
> So if I'm interested in using the Servlet 2.3 jar, which project does 
> this live in, and who manages it? I'd think that a well-known 
> directory might be just the thing. Perhaps a TLP responsible to track 
> where the JCP spec jars are being developed? [It might be that Jakarta 
> is the right TLP.] And a pointer to the repository where the spec jars 
> can be downloaded (automatically, maven-style). And some common naming 
> scheme that everyone agrees on. 
> I doubt that there is enough in common among the spec jar developers 
> to build a community around "spec jars". But certainly there is a 
> community among the developers of Servlet and a different community 
> among the developers of JDO and a different community for MyFaces, etc.
> So it sounds straightforward to me to establish a TLP to house a 
> "directory" of the spec jars and which projects they belong to and 
> where the binaries reside. 

Craig, you hit the nail on the head with this.  I am running into this 
now.  The impetus for my attempting to start this is that I currently 
have to go on an easter egg hunt for spec jars.  I have no strong 
feelings how the jars get into a central place for me to find them so 
long as they are in a central place.  That central place cannot be the 
JCP web site.


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