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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Wiki votes, was Re: Proposal for OFBiz to Join the ASF
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 01:03:14 GMT
[changed subject line though I don't intend to have a big discussion  
about this topic]

On 18.01.2006, at 00:16, Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:

> Is this becoming the current de-facto process, posting to a wiki?   
> (or "@)#!)#@ wiki", as I tend to think of them...)
> Can we please have things go to the mail list, as that should be  
> the 'primary institutional memory' of the incubator community.   
> Feel free to also have on a wiki for collaboration to get it done,  
> but after that, the final proposal should, IMO, go to the mail list.
> Does anyone else feel this way?  Mail archives will live for years  
> in distributed places.  Wiki's seem to be single-sourced and a lot  
> more ephemeral....

Thanks, Geir - there was a half written msg with exactly this topic  
in my outbox... I fully agree with you that at least anything which  
is subject to a vote should directly include all the relevant  
information - no links for substantial content, just for extras like  
fancy PDFs describing the architecture or tarballs of the initial  
codebase etc.

This may sound a bit picky but everything else unfortunately comes  
with too many disadvantages (no real archives, dead links, no offline  
access, etc.).


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