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From Andrew Clark <>
Subject Re: ajax proposal?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:45:09 GMT
Raphaƫl Luta wrote: 
> Seeing Zimbra current OSS efforts with this toolkit 
> (even with an ASF member in their team), I have a hard 
> time believing this proposal is anything but a branding 
> exercise to help this toolkit stand out in the crowd of 
> Ajax toolkits. 

The Zimbra product owes much of its success to open- 
source products, especially from Apache. The Kabuki 
submission for incubation is an attempt to give back 
to the community that's given us so much coupled with 
the fact that we believe browser-based client coding 
with Ajax is a natural fit with the web-centric theme 
of Apache projects. 

Our core business is collaboration and competing against 
Exchange server; we aren't a tools or toolkit company. As 
such, we are not associating the Zimbra brand with the 
toolkit and aren't planning on making money from this
effort. I hope that goes a little way towards easing
some people's concerns regarding the submission.

One last note... the Zimbra marketing guy is well aware 
that PR for incubated projects will not be allowed and 
he's completely cool with that. Zimbra wants to do "the 
right thing" and are willing to commit resources to try 
to make that happen. However, if the Apache community is 
still uneasy about the submission and denies its entry 
to incubation, so be it. But I would love to see Apache 
take a role in crafting the future of AJAX programming 
(with the added personal benefit of being paid to work 
on Apache technology again :). 

Andy Clark * Zimbra *

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