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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] WebWork 2 Merger Proposal
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:06:52 GMT
On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 07:51:24AM -0800, Don Brown wrote:
> Leo Simons wrote:
> >Interesting. As the struts PMC has already accepted, there is no vote
> >needed from the incubator PMC. The mentors should ensure that they join
> >the incubator PMC and start the process.
> Ok, I'll join the PMC list, as I believe Martin and Ted are already 
> joined.  From the policy, it seems that if the Incubator PMC is deciding 
> to accept the proposal, the accounts, svn section, and mentors should be 
> chosen.  What do I need to do to assist these actions?

Take a look at how other incubating projects were set up and then read some
of the docs about making requests for this stuff at

> > >One obvious question I didn't see answered -- what does the opensymphony
> >project think about all this? Hopefully the answer is obvious too.
> Each of the OpenSymphony members that is on this proposal has joined the 
> Struts dev list and publicly announced their continued support and 
> interest.  I can provide the email references if necessary.

Nah, as long as everyone is happy we're happy :-)

> >Second question (out of personal interest) -- what happens with XWork?
> >IIRC that's pretty much a "core dependency" which is tied somewhat closely
> >to WebWork...and has the same developers and so forth.
> At this point, XWork will stay at OpenSymphony to strengthen the ties 
> between the two organizations, however, we are open to moving it as well.

Ah. Neat-o. I've always liked Xwork. More than webwork anyway :-)

> >The third thing I'll note is that for such a long-running project
> >(which IIRC moved CVS hosts a few times), all the IP vetting and
> >tracking is at best non-trivial and you guys should work hard to get
> >all the appropriate CLAs and CCLAs before merging codebases. Hopefully
> >you already knew that too :-)
> The CLAs and CCLAs of the key WebWork developers have already been 
> filed.  Of course the rest of the developers will be submitting theirs 
> as part of the Apache account process.  Is there any more paperwork we 
> need to do in that regard?

The status file ( you'll
be maintaining has a checklist :-)

The major developers probably should send a software grant. There might
be a corporate copyright holder that needs to send in a CCLA and/or a
software grant. Contributors of significant (in amount or size or
copyrightability) patches should send a CLA too.

Copyright statements, NOTICEs, "credits" sections and the like should all
be brought in line with best practice. Etc.



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