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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Incubator site status wrt a move to Anakia?
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 07:56:07 GMT
It is time to make a plan for the move to Anakia.
We cannot afford for it to drag on any longer.

1) Review the generated source documents in site/xdocs2

Did the transformation perform okay?

2) Refine the stylesheet


Seen only one problem so far. It needs to handle
more than two levels of subsection.

This can be fixed later.

3) Add any missing links to side-panel

For example, the new documents for the old "Learn" tab
are in site/xdocs2/learn but are not yet linked into
the site/xdocs2/stylesheets/project.xml

This can be fixed later.

4) Fix some things in site-author

At the moment these are not being processed by forrest
because they are not linked into the site.

jcms.html exists only in site-publish/projects
i.e. no matching source in site-author/projects

mv projects/sandesha.cwiki ip-clearance + link to table.
mv projects/wss4j.cwiki ip-clearance + link to table.

None of the harmony-* docs are linked into the
ip-clearance table.

These links must exist or the docs will not be converted.
Help please.

5) Generate the final new xdocs 

6) Set up the svn space

incubator/public/trunk = top-level

Install Anakia at this top-level, i.e. move the
relevant contents of the new "site" directory up to
this top level, i.e. its build.xml and lib directory.

So the layout will be:

build.xml ... relace old not-used file with site/build.xml
lib ... the Anakia libraries
site-author ... replaced with the new source docs
site-publish ... the new Anakia-generated docs

7) Replace the existing content

In site-author

Retain the svn history. Do 'svn move' each file
to have a .xml filename extension and then replace
the content with that of the new sources from the
site/xdocs2 directory.

8) Generate the new html docs

9) Clean up the site-publish diectory

e.g. remove all the *.pdf
e.g. remove the corner images and CSS, etc.

10) Fix the website

This should not need to change. It will still be
an 'svn update' of the "site-publish" directory
as is done now.

It is important to keep it that way, because i supsect
that there is some extra content in there that is
not generated by the docs system.

11) Further tidy of site-author

Deal with some content that is not supposed to be there,
e.g. sub-directories: activemq, agila, servicemix,
geronimo, harmony, tapestry

See various past requests to general@ list.

12) Explain how to use the Anakia-based system

Replace the content at i.a.o/guides/website.html


If there are no concerns about that, then i will
go ahead early next week, i.e. 30/31 January.

I would like assistance with steps 1, 2, and 4.
Someone can attend to 3 and 11 later.


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