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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Incubator site status wrt a move to Anakia?
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 00:53:24 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >... 
> >Can anyone see any other glitches in the conversion process?
> The anchors forrest generates for page sections are lost, so anything 
> that references them don't work.
> For example, close to the end of the "Podling Constraints" section in 

> the sentence "See instructions for project website" links to 
> howtoparticipate.html#Project+Website+Howto , but the Project+Website+Howto 
> anchor doesn't exist on howtoparticipate.html.
> If the anchors can't be auto-generated, I'll help add them in the 
> post-conversion cleanup.

Fantastic, thanks for noticing that. It is so important.
We cannot afford to break links.

Yes that was just an ommission in the Forrest transformation.
Fixed locally.

Actually this is something that could use a big cleanup
in the existing sources before we do the final transformation.

If the author does not deliberately supply an anchor
then Forrest tries to generate them.

An example ...

Source: site-author/howtoparticipate.html
<h2>Project Website Howto</h2>
<h1><a name="www" />Updating the top-level website</h1>

If the source was xml then using an "id" attribute
achieves the same effect.

Generated doc:
... <a name="Project+Website+Howto" />
... <a name="www" />

The first one used the section title, which can become
very messy especially when long and containing non-alpha

The second is a clean deliberately-chosen anchor.


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