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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Incubator site status wrt a move to Anakia?
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 07:29:52 GMT
Here is the result of my experiment ...


The existing Incubator site was converted to
Anakia xdoc format. I used a local copy of Geir's
previous experiment [2] but with the forrest-generated
anakia xdocs.

We can tweak the Forrest plugin to match any changes
in Geir's xdoc format and stylesheets.

Anakia didn't report any errors with the final run.
However, please look out for any strangeness.

All the filenames and directories are the same as
the existing Incubator site. So existing URLs are

As with Geir's, i dropped the "learn" directory.

The projects/*.cwiki files are all converted.

If any documents were not linked in to the existing site
then they will be missing.

Also other resources will be missing. For example,
i needed to manually retrieve a local image at
Process_Description.html and if there were any
directly linked PDF docs then they will be missing.
This can be manually fixed later.

There is still a strange situation with extra documents
in sub-directories of site-author/projects/
e.g.  agila, activemq, servicemix
... these seem to be project websites which are
supposed to be elsewhere in the Incubator SVN.
There is also some additional stuff in "geronimo".
None of these documents are in the new site.
I did a quick 'diff -rq' on and there 
are differences. Someone should investigate further.

The conversion process can be run at anytime.
It might take us a while to decide, etc.

Now don't let any of this stop you from editing
the current sources in site-author, especially
in site-author/projects status reports. We can
convert again at any time.

This site transformation was done with trunk
of Forrest (after i check some stuff in). I could
check in new commented config to Incubator and
describe how to do it. Lets wait a bit.

Thanks to the Forrest project for the new abilities.
Good result.


  "Experiment : Incubator site done in xdocs..."


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