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From Charles Mark <>
Subject RE: AJAX Toolkit Proposal - Updated
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:42:20 GMT
  Two things to point out regarding to Zimbra Ajax Toolkit. One is positive and one is negative:
  1>With regard to Martin Cooper's comments on how Zimbra Ajax Toolkit is so "yesterday"
- i looked at Zimbra's source code. It is actually fairly well written with fairly good coding
style and comments, definitely a big plus from a code maintenance perspective (for example,
much better than dojo). Martin, do you care to please explain what you see are problematic
of Zimbra toolkit from an architectural and coding perspective (technical perspective)? I
think it is well architected,  to the contrary. (disclaimer: i only looked at the source code
for about 20 minutes). 
  2>on the negative side, I downloaded the toolkit, tried it but it didn't even work!
  I downloaded Zimbra Ajax Toolkit according to instruction. First of all, my zip program
can not unzip the file. The file name was "AjaxTK-3.0.0_M3_352-src[1]".  I have to rename
the file extension to ".tar" in order to unzip it - which happened only after a friend told
me to do so; secondly, after I unzipped it, I put it on tomcat and try to run the examples
- none of the examples actually worked!
  Here is the error I got from JavaScript Console (lots of error like this):
  Error: I18nMsg is not defined Source File: http://localhost:8080/ajax/js/util/AjxText.js
Line: 270
  I didn't do anything special. I unzipped it, put "WebRoot" files onto a Tomcat container,
renamed it to "Ajax", and started a browser. The default page contains links to a few examples.
There were only about 4-5 examples but none of them worked. 
  Can Zimbra folks care to explain and get code working at least before submitting to Apache?

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