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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Incubator site status wrt a move to Anakia?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:58:19 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> >
> >>What's the status of moving the incubator site to Anakia? There seemed 
> >>to be strong preferences leaning that way up until a couple weeks ago. 
> >>Here's the last thread I spotted in the archive:
> >>
> >
> >There was another query about the status too.
> >
> >
> >As usual people are keen, but we lack action.
> I lack sufficent experience with anakia (none) and forrest (minimal -- I 
> just use easy defaults) to drive this migration, but am willing to help 
> with the grunt level clean up and verification.


I don't know much about Anakia either. From what i have
seen from using this one, it is very straight-forward.

Also their is Geir's experiment at incubator/site
to play with and tweak output stylesheets and stuff.

> >>I'd like to introduce more site content cleanup, but wanted to wait 
> >>until that was resolved.
> > 
> >Yes, i didn't know what to do. The resolving is taking
> >too long. Finally patches are being contributed. I will
> >always opt for encouraging the contributors.
> >
> >Hopefully Geir's transformation process is repeatable.
> >If not then we can try to manually apply the changes, erk.
> A near-term option might be to go ahead and continue updating the 
> forrest source, but to also:
>  - Make it clear on this list and on the web site that this is just a 
> near-term option pending a final migration plan (and add a note to that 
> effect to the top of

It should not matter to the content editors.
Lets make the conversion process repeatable.
We can then run it a number of times until it
doing a full job.

>  - Package forrest in the incubator site build as Noel suggested on 
> This would make it easier for anyone who wishes to build and would also 
> minimize template collisions for those of us who use the formal forrest 
> 0.7 release on another project.

If someone is brave enough to add that much weight
to the svn checkout of incubator. I don't think that
it is worth it.

My suggestion is for people to concentrate on content
and just one or two of us do manual generation from

>  - I'll offer to help you build/publish (at least this would gain a 
> builder in a different time zone).

Fantastic. I just watch the incubator-cvs list,
and do it whenever i can.

> >>btw, I have a little bandwidth now. If Geir is 
> >>mostly there but needs some help, I can offer it.

Well we are not hearing from Geir, and the others
that wanted to move are not helping, so lets try.

I am investigating creating a Forrest output plugin
to do the complete conversion. If Geir or others 
come up with another solution then fine, this will
still be a useful tool for Forrest.


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