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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Changes to Incubator process(es)
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 06:13:42 GMT
> [ -1 ] - Any proposal should hit general@incubator first, No PR before that.

Proposals often get formed elsewhere then come to the
Incubator as soon as possible. +1 to no PR before that.

> [ +1 ] - Any PR should be vetted by PRC, No Excuses.

Yes, must. Plus need documentation and guidelines
regarding how to go about doing PR.

> [ +1 ] - Any new proposal should have 3 ASF Members / Officers as mentors
> (without regard to affiliation)

Yes, must.

> [ -1 ] - Any new proposal should list at least one person as a
> infrastucture volunteer.

We should instead strongly encourage this via documentation.
There is plenty that they can help with.

> [ -1 ] - A sponsoring PMC should hold their VOTE to sponsor a proposal or
> IP Clearance 72 hours *AFTER* it is posted on general@incubator

Perhaps i don't understand the issue, but the sponsor PMC
should have already committed to it beforehand.

> [ +1 ] - Any existing committer from any Apache project should be able to
> volunteer to work on the proposed project within the 72 hours. Any
> later, it would be through regular karma process. (To promote
> inclusion/diversification from day one)

Agree with the general idea to encourage existing
committers to be involved early. However, wouldn't they
just get involved at the proposal stage? Why is any
special treatment needed?

> [ +1 ] - IP Clearance needs to be preceded by a proposal posted to
> general@incubator as well

Yes, must.

> [ +1 ] - IP Clearance has to be OK'ed by Incubator PMC VOTE (before code
> gets checked in to a sponsoring project's SVN)

The real vote gets done by the project PMC. Needs Incubator
PMC vote just to ensure that procedure is followed.
The substance of the clearance would be handled by the
responsible PMC.

> [ -1 ] - Petition the Board to require Incubator PMC VOTE to begin
> incubation process even for projects that other PMC's want to sponsor.

No need. The Incubator people can speak up at any
time to keep the process on track from the beginning.
The exit vote is sufficient.

> [ -1 ] - Within 72 hours of a new project hitting the general@incubator
> mailing list, that any incubator PMC member can call for an advisory
> vote and comment period if they see issues with what's been presented
> by the sponsoring PMC.

Same as for the previous item.


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