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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: [policy] bring in full code history on incubated project?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 15:53:21 GMT
On Tuesday 03 January 2006 22:40, Jules Gosnell wrote:
> Isn't the incubator meant to lower the bar for projects wishing to
> migrate into ASF ?

Not directly. Incubator is the buffer that is here to ensure that the ASF, its 
members and to some degree its committers are given a low legal risk. That 
means that the Incubator's primary job is to make sure that we expose 
ourselves to possible legal attack, or for that matter, ignorance resulting 
in troublesome conversions later, for instance a project named by a trademark 
which we later have to change, which causes both confusion for users and 
additional workload for the project.

The second main objective of the Incubator is to "educate" incubatees in "The 
Apache Way" and bring the project community up to par with the other 
projects. The "daily job" for that falls upon the mentor, but the Incubator 
PMC has an oversight duty, and should not graduate projects that doesn't show 
that they operate according to the general practice of the foundation.

_I_ have not seen any specific directives from the Board that the Incubator 
should "lower the bar". In a way the Incubator is lowering the bar, by the 
fact that it exist, and one didn't need to go through the Board to create new 
projects or import external ones, but that is more a "work load issue" than 
anything to do with requirements for becoming an Apache project.
"Making it easier" in terms of providing better tools, support, infrastructure 
to achieve the objectives mentioned above are on the Incubators "work list" 
on a continuous basis. Perhaps that is what you meant.


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