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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Experiment : Incubator site done in xdocs...
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 05:20:10 GMT
Geir's experiment was incomplete and he reported
difficulty with some docs. Perhaps the following
will help, or perhaps you already have a better

There is a way to use Forrest itself to produce
xml output ...

Assuming that forrest is installed as per:

Temporarily add the "xml-link". This will cause 
forrest to also generate an xml version of each page.

edit site-author/skinconf.xml at line 46
-  <disable-xml-link>true</disable-xml-link>
+  <disable-xml-link>false</disable-xml-link>

I gather that when Stefano built the orginal
DTDs for Forrest that he might have started from
the Anakia xml format. Anyway, whatever, the formats
are close.

Clean up the output xml

* Remove the document type declaration.
It seems that Anakia xdocs don't have one.

* Transform some elements:
  document/header => document/properties
  link => a

Copy all of the *.xml documents from
site-publish/**.xml to incubator/site/xdocs/test2

In my experiment, i copied some test documents
to infrastructure/site/ i.e. the www.a.o/dev/ etc.
which also uses Anakia. They are processed reasonably
well there.

Geir's stylesheet seems to have different handling
of section/title elements.

Run anakia.

cd incubator/site; ant

Fix the links.

This workaround is just saving the internal Forrest
format to disk, so links that use Forrest's linking
system are broken.

Fix some other issues.

In my experiment, the site-author/projects/index.html
table is transformed well, but not with Geir's stylesheet
(perhaps same issue as above). I also tested some
status reports, some transform okay but some do not,
perhaps there are problems with some of the source html.

It is interesting to note that Nicola Ken long ago
moved the Incubator site to use html as the source format
instead of the orginal xml - presumably people had
problems editing xml. That has made it harder to convert
the site back to xml again.


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