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From "David E. Jones" <>
Subject Re: OFBiz Marketing and Services
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:41:23 GMT

This isn't a problem at all. That is an area that we have tried to  
make more clear over time, ie that Undersun does not own nor have any  
exclusive relationship with the OFBiz project. This is actually one  
thing that I really like about the potential OFBiz/ASF relationship:  
it clarifies this separation.

In the past the only reason we have charged something and had certain  
requirements for being listed was to make the list more useful to  
"consumers" of the list (ie a smidgeon of quality control), but this  
really isn't much and I have no problem with removing the money  
requirement and revising any other requirements (or perhaps make them  
more "guidelines" or something), and of course through SVN make it  
possible for others in the core committer group to be able to modify  
it as needed.

I appreciate the feedback and agree that this is a page that needs to  
have some changes. That may be true of other pages, and perhaps the  
layout and such of the site in general, and if so that's  
fine (it's needs some beautifying and reorganization in certain areas  
anyway...). In a way I'd also like to make some very clear changes to  
the site as we go through the incubation process to make it clear  
that while our approach has been pretty similar to the ASF philosophy  
in the past, we are very serious and public about moving even more  
(and all the way) in that direction.

This might be better as a general discussion or a discussion for  
another board/list, but has a more structured service/product/etc  
provider database ever been considered for Apache in general? We have  
considered this in the past for OFBiz to have better information  
maintained by the companies/individuals themselves to show the areas  
of expertise, live sites or clients they have worked with,  
relationship and contributions to various projects, and so on.


On Jan 19, 2006, at 11:36 AM, Yoav Shapira wrote:

> Hola,
> Sure, but J Aaron already beat me to it ;)
> One other decent page not included in his post is
> of HTTP support providers.  The
> text at the top is good.
> This is not a high bar: OFBiz won't have a problem meeting it before
> it goes out of incubation I think...
> Yoav
> On 1/19/06, Si Chen <> wrote:
>> Yoav,
>> Can you provide us with an example of a "good" services provider page
>> from some other Apache projects?
>> Si
>> Yoav Shapira wrote:
>>> Hola,
>>> IMHO, as long as no one provider is preferred over another, the
>>> current stuff is not a problem.  If you list one provider of
>>> commercial services related to Apache Foo, you should list other
>>> competing providers if/when they request to be listed on the same
>>> page.
>>> Yoav
>>> On 1/19/06, Al Byers <> wrote:
>>>> J Aaron,
>>>> As one of the committers, I would have no problem have any  
>>>> reference to my
>>>> company removed, if that is necessary for the process to continue.
>>>> But I wonder if there is not a bigger aspect to this whole  
>>>> thing. I see your
>>>> remarks about ASF encouraging commercial efforts, but OFBiz is  
>>>> significantly
>>>> different in this regard. As has been mentioned earlier, up  
>>>> until this time
>>>> ASF products have mostly been "tool" oriented. With OFBiz, ASF  
>>>> will be
>>>> offering a product that is ready for businesses to plug in with  
>>>> very little
>>>> effort - adding a huge new market for its services. No longer  
>>>> need its
>>>> client-base be programmers only. Of course, I want to also  
>>>> restate that
>>>> OFBiz is both a programming framework and set of end-user modules.
>>>> The big service that ASF offers is to provide quality tools and  
>>>> products for
>>>> free. This is very important for small businesses and developing  
>>>> economies.
>>>> With OFBiz, it would be greatly expanding its value to these  
>>>> sectors and I
>>>> wonder if some good PR could come of it - if ASF makes an  
>>>> announcement that
>>>> it is moving to more directly benefit SMB/Es, etc.
>>>> -Al Byers
>>> --
>>> Yoav Shapira
>>> System Design and Management Fellow
>>> MIT Sloan School of Management
>>> Cambridge, MA, USA
>>> /

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