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From Andrew Clark <>
Subject Re: AJAX Toolkit Proposal - Updated
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 22:07:39 GMT
Charles Mark wrote:
> I put it on tomcat and try to run the examples - none of 
> the examples actually worked!

I must apologize for the samples not fully working. That is
one of the things on my plate that was pushed to the back
burner because we're pushing for a release of our product
at the moment.

> Here is the error I got from JavaScript Console (lots of 
> error like this):
>   Error: I18nMsg is not defined [...]

We define all of the messages used in our product as Java
.properties files and then have a servlet return the merged
resources as native JS code based on the user's preferred
language. So this error indicates that the servlet is not
> I didn't do anything special. I unzipped it, put "WebRoot" 
> files onto a Tomcat container, renamed it to "Ajax", and 
> started a browser. The default page contains links to a 
> few examples. There were only about 4-5 examples but none 
> of them worked. 

There is a "deploy" target in the Ant build.xml file. This
should be used to deploy the samples instead of dropping
the WebRoot content into a Tomcat container. That being
said, I still have some changes that I need to make so
that the samples deploy and work cleanly. The fact that
they aren't currently working is my fault and I'll work
to correct that as soon as I can. But, just to warn you,
it may be a little while before I get to it.
Andy Clark * Zimbra *

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