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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Jira Usage (was Re: (in)appropriate wiki use)
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:21:29 GMT

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Leo Simons" <>

| There's well over a hundred people with write access to the parts of 
| SVN where such stuff would live. If there's not enough of those people 
willing to
| handle the "apply patch" workload for this kind of stuff then we should 
really be
| putting that "the incubator is currently closed" sign up. ....

Do these 100+ people have access to the Incubator Jira Issues list also ?

Apologies if I have it wrong here, as I am new to this particular list, but 
does anyone
take any notice of the Jira Issues for Incubator site?
My patches and comments needed for me to provide more patches are only a few 
old, I am used to quick turnaround of patches on other lists so I may be a 
premature in thinking I am being ignored.

I have commented on what needs to be done to every Issue on Jira for 
Incubator, and have
no doubt that the current list of issues can be cleared up very quickly, 
there are only a few.
(Not all by me though)
However, there are some that have been there, sitting patiently with patches 
at the ready
for between 6 months and a year. If my patches sit around for that long, I 
guess I wont
be here to see what happens to them, which is a shame as I came here after 
hearing a
rumour that you might want a bit of help doing this sort of stuff.

If I am on the wrong track as to how things work around here, apologies, but 
without an
archive to search through I am playing blind. Is Jira a new thing here or do 
people not
like it and do it another way or ?

My time is such that I have the time to browse through Jira and do what I 
can from it, supplying
the relevant patches or info there, asking on-list (referring to Jira) if 
more info is required. (I am
glad to do this whenever I can)
 I do not really have any more time to go searching for the Issues myself, 
so Jira would be my first stop
after the list.

Anyway, maybe I'll hear back ...


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