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Subject Adding a new Project on Jakarta
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:34:47 GMT
Hello, my name is João, i'm a Brazillian Java developer. In this email i 
will describe the general proposal for my project, the JFTP4I (Java FTP 
for Integration). My intentions are basically to add my project inside the 
Jakarta/Apache umbrella as a TLP (or as a subproject, depending on the 
context). For that i give you a detailed description.

Project Description: 

The JFTP4I is a new idea for the concept of using FTP for integration 
purposes. Here in Brasil (and i think very much in the rest of the world), 
all the legacy systems are basically using FTP as a way of integrating 
different platforms running under TCP/IP. Example: we have a lot of cases 
of programs running in the mainframe that are actually using FTP to 
transmit data to the lower-platform. The JFTP4I is actually an application 
server that can support a number of deployed application inside the FTP 
engine. A general flow will be: The user(system) makes a put (or read)
file request to the JFTP4I, the FTP engine then recognizes (using the XML 
configuration file) the actual FTPAction to be executed, and then 
delegates the flow to the right method inside the action - The framework 
uses the PODA/MVC II patterns, and is very similar to the Jakarta Struts 
framework (request -> controller -> Action). This framework can do a lot 
of things, like generate files dinamically (files that do not actually 
exist on disk, files that are created dinamically), implement personalized 
responses between systems, manage a secure exchange of files using 
detailed transactions, trace, and so forth.

The project has already started (exists), and is hosted in the I have 3 friends helping me develop the solution. The FTP 
engine, trace, and Log are already done, and we are now working in the 
transaction and delegation parts for the requests. You can found a alpha 
version to be download in the following link:

PS.: This is not another FTP Server, this is actually a framework that 
uses a FTP engine to dinamically generate content.

Obs.: If any one can help me with this, i appreciate.

        Best Regards,


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